What To Discard Tuesdays - Week 17

Continuing from last week! Here is a live Tenhou match that was sent to us! He/She deleted the names of the players, but we can see the situation at least!

What would you discard? What would you be considering with this specific situation? Some notes from the player:

  • Tonpu with Akadora

  • No wins up to this hand

  • I was told that West is a good tile to wait on a Chitoitsu

  • Riichi? No Riichi?


Here’s what the player decided to do.

Dama (No Riichi), and discard Sha/West. Down to the last row, and player draws 2 Man. Decides to discard 2 Man because a 5 Man was discarded prior to the player, and explained that 8 Man was near the Dora.

Outcome? Our image provider dealt into the Riichi, and that player also had a Chitoitsu. Winning player also had two 8 Mans in their winning hand.

Maybe next time someone gives a Tenhou example, we can get a movie?

Anything is possible! Be creative!