RMC Originals - YouTube Series

Hello everyone!

We hope everyone had a great Riichi weekend!

First of all, great news! The winners of the National Mahjong Day 2019 Livestream have been determined, and we have confirmed that the prizes have been shipped!

Congrats to Terri, Bill, Zac, Kevin and Jesse for the prizes! We will contact you again to confirm the delivery. It was a great way to finish our first year as a new Riichi source and we hope you guys will enjoy the prizes!

As we announced in the past, we are moving majority of our contents over to YouTube. Our main weekly series will be covering Riichi news with some bonus segments. We are still looking for others to collaborate and come up with new segments, so if you have any ideas, let us know!

We also have product reviews coming up in the very near future :)

One series that has been going on is the Club Visit series. We started with Pacific Mahjong League’s “PML Berkeley” and then followed up with Los Angeles Pride of Mahjong’s “LAPOM SPMT”. If you haven’t checked out the two-part video, you can watch them here:

If you want us to visit your club, please email us at info@riichi-mahjong-central.com so we can work out the schedule!

Hope to see you all in person soon!