A Marriage That Was Through Mahjong

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I was invited to a wedding.

Twitter Account:  @fukuchinko  I saw this when I participated in a wedding  0:30 - October 13th 2018

Twitter Account:

I saw this when I participated in a wedding

0:30 - October 13th 2018

The Bride and Groom’s introduction video started from a Tenhou screen.
The ID on the screen was from the groom and bride.

In the intro video, my book, これだけで勝てる! 麻雀の基本形80 was displayed, and there mention that this book was the reason they met for the first time.
They also mentioned this in their speech.

I was surprised because I didn’t know that until it was mentioned.(;^ω^)

And they both listed Tenhou in their hobby section.

At the seats, there was a piece of paper with a comment written by the newly weds saying that “Although there is no changing being in last place” , “But if you cal still get a Shu-Gi even though you're last place”, and it was funny to see that the newly weds both saw getting married=last place ( ̄w ̄)haha

I personally believe that there is no meaning in the actual wedding itself. And think that it should be done after living together for maybe about 10 years or so? But I participated because they told me that I was the reason or what started their relationship, and ultimately for them to get married.
The wedding was so good, it felt like the best wedding I’ve ever participated in.

Most of the participants were artists off sorts, and what struck my heart the most, was a sulked guy on a piano, performing a song called “痛風/Gout“.

And the bride’s mother displayed what it really means to be a professional singer, as her professionalism was amazing.

Music is really great.
My life had little or nothing to do with music, but ever since I started to learn how to dance, I understand how good music is, day by day.