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This was a fun read.
There were so many things that I didn't know.

Below is an excerpt (Titles omitted)

 * * * * *

Takky initially took the Sai-Koui test, but didn’t pass. So the next year, he went to Renmei.

Katsumata only lost twice in a monthly increment ever since middle school.

Takamiya wanted to join Team Garakuta (a unit that is known to go for riichi even for a garakuta/bad wait hand ), but President Moriyama advised her not to since it was not going along with her image.

Shiratori’s way of relieving stress is to cry by himself.

Matsumoto’s father was agaisnt him playing Mahjong at first, but since Matsumoto’s M League admittance was confirmed, the father started Mahjong himself.

Uotani first wanted to become a horse rider.

Kayamori does not go over Haifu and hates the study group. Her favorite way of playing is like Satoshi Fujisaki.

Hagiwara thinks that Kokushi is easy, so he doesn’t aim for it.

Setokuma’s choice in Mahjong books is ““Mahjong Shin-Ki-Rou”.

Koba-Go was in the Judo club during middle and high school.

Ishibashi doesn’t know his blood type. (What are you, a child!?)

 * * * * *

As a way of making a book, there are several points of dissatisfaction.

It should be bigger with less pages, and focus more on the visuals.
(Most likely, the size was determined becuase the book section at a book store would have trouble stacking them flat)

Since every one has one what-would-you-discard section, the interest factor is only a quarter.
There are many questions that make me think that it is common sense.
Should have put more time into it and select better ones or ask them directly!

There are also too many words and text heavy.

…and these points are what I think was lacking, but overall it was a fun read.
There are no other books like this too.

They probably made this without having much time to think it over, but for that, they still did a good job making it in time.

If you read this, it will definitely increase the entertainment of M League.