RMC Originals - Plans for National Mahjong Day Announcement

So much news in the world of Riichi Mahjong since our last post!

M-League has crowned their first champions, as Akasaka Drivens takes it home. We have heard that the amount of people in Japan who are considering to become professional Mahjong players have increased due to M-League, and we hope other countries will continue to grow too!

This past weekend, the Tornado Alley Regional Open was held by Dallas Fort-Worth Mahjong and Oklahoma Mahjong and it looked like a success. Congratulations to the organizers and Kyle Le for the win!

European Riichi Mahjong Championship 2019 also announced that the last 2014 and 2017 champions of World Riichi Championship will be participating, and the first WRC 2019 qualifier hosted by USPML has been announced!

Pacific Mahjong League has also announced their grand opening for their physical location in Berkley, California. Their grand opening even will be for two days, and we are planning to attend their reveal of another all-automatic-table Mahjong location! Sign up on Meetup.com for Day 1 and Day 2.

Riichi Mahjong Central hosted the first online study group session and we believe it went well as an easy introduction session. Future sessions will be announced, and there is always time to join for early access. Edited videos will be released, but no timeline is set at the moment.

To add to this amazing list, we would like to announce that our application for the Guinness World Records has  officially been approved!!!

As announced previously, we have National Mahjong Day set for August 1st, 2019.

We will be attempting to break the current record for the longest Mahjong marathon!!!

The current record is 33hours 3minutes and 48.58seconds.

We would like to ask players who are confident in breaking this record with us!!!

Please email info@riichi-mahjong-central.com for more details on this historic attempt.

We are also open to any collaboration projects for future events that are not limited to National Mahjong Day, and we hope to make this a great day for all players for all styles of Mahjong!!!