What To Discard Tuesdays - Week 19

We have another post from Japan! HAL87 from Twitter provided this one, and you can follow HAL87 here-> https://twitter.com/hal_majan

What would you be considering with this specific situation? Some notes from the player:

  • Debating to discard 3P, 4S, 8S, 9S or Ton/East

  • Since the game barely started, player would rather focus on higher points rather than speed

  • Discarding 8S or 9S would be a fast Yalu-Hai hand, but would not want to win too cheap


Here are some of the things the player was considering when making a desicion.

  • Discarding 3P and aiming for Hon-Itsu is pushing it too much

  • Discarding 4S would be the same as ignoring your 1S,3S,4S,5S and 6S Uke-Ire (Effective tile draws) so that would not be an option.

After all of the previous mentioned factors, the player said Ton/East was the discard.

Hope this helps!