RMC Originals - New Online Study Group

Hello everyone! Hope all is well :)

As we are a few weeks into the new year, we have started to roll out with some of the new projects and plans we have in the works!

We mentioned this in one of our recent Facebook posts, but we will launching a new online study group in English. If you are with a local Mahjong group, you may be doing something similar already. But for some of us who don’t have a local group to play Mahjong on a regular basis, or if you can only play online, we hope that this study group will help.

We have received several inquiries already, so we decided to explain a little more in detail of what we will be doing.

We will be basing the study group off of one of the approved strategy books from Japan.

We have received approval on several strategy books to translate, and some were not approved due to publication rights issues. Either way, these books take time for final releases. So we thought to create a video series to go over the contents instead. This will save us time, and we will be able to send them out to our community faster! We have a couple books in line, and the first one will be based off of statistics and data collected from multiple matches. This should help your game play and desicison making.

We will be hosting these study sessions on a periodic timeline based off of your schedules.

Once we have a decent amount of people, we will create a group chat on one of the major platforms. Please let us know what you use (Skype, Facebook, Discord, etc), and we will use what majority of the participants use. We would also be asking what time zones you are in, and what day during the week would work best. This will also be based on what the majority of participants would prefer, but we will also be recording the sessions, so you will always be able to review them later. Any questions can be asked through video contents, and we will try and answer them as soon as we can. If we can’t answer them for you, we will ask the author for you, so no need to worry!

We hope to start this study group some time next month, so if you have any ideas to make the sessions better, please feel free to let us know!

Please share this post so more people can join :)

Looking forward to seeing you all online soon!