What To Discard Tuesdays - Week 20

We have another post from Japan! HAL87 from Twitter provided this one, and you can follow HAL87 here-> https://twitter.com/hal_majan

What would you be considering with this specific situation? Some notes from the player:

  • Ton/East 1, Player is sitting Pei/North and Dora is 7M

  • There are 2 Red Fives per suit


We always say that there is no right or wrong in Mahjong, but here are some of the opinions HAL87 received when posting this on Twitter.


  • Discard the 2S and aim for 567 shape for the two suits, and depending on the connection for the 7P and 6M, aim for a higher percentage Tan-Yao + Pin-Fu hand. Even if the Souzu/Bamboo would grow, you would probably have to compensate for your final waiting tiles so solidifying the Souzu/Bamboo at this point would be wise. This can be supported to the fact that no one has discarded Souzu/Bamboo in their first discard.
  • Discard 6M. Although the 6M is close to the Dora and can be used for a possible San-Shoku, it will be hard to solidify the San-Shoku when in Ten-Pai. The only Manzu/Character tiles that would be beneficial would be drawing 567M. If that’s the case, keeping the potential effective tiles (Uke-Ire tiles) for Pinzu/Circles and aiming for a faster and better shape Riichi might be better.
  • 6M. Since it is still early in the game, there is a low percentage of someone calling Ron and it’s too early for the next player to call Chi. Even if some one does call Chi, the expectation of that hand being a high point hand is very low. This is a good overall hand, so even mid-way during the game, and if drawing a tile near the Dora, keep on pushing and discard it. Some people might aim for San-Shoku, but if you discard any tile other than the 6M, your Uke-Ire tiles would drop significantly, and would result in your winning rate drop drastically as well.
  • Keeping the 7P connection in mind, keep a Dama (No calling tiles) hand when drawing 4 or 8, but if it becomes a Riyan-Men (Double Sided Wait), Riichi immediately.
  • Discard 6M. If you do, your Uke-Ire would decrease to 18 tiles and decrease 10 tiles that would make your final hand becoming a multiple wait. Discard the 7P and the numbers would change to 16 tiles and 12 tiles. Discarding 2S or 5S will make it 26 tiles and 22 tiles. Discarding 6S will make it 17 tiles and 12 tiles. Tiles that would make an Ii-Pei-Ko would be Discarding 6M (15)> Discarding 6S (9)> Discarding 7P (6) tiles.

Hope this helps!