RMC Originals - New Online Team

Hello everyone! We have received multiple interests in the study group in multiple areas around the world! We are very excited to have our first session in early-mid February. 

Just to remind everyone that in order to participate in the study group live, you will need to sign up. The video will be set to private, but we will upload the video with some edits in a later date. If you signed up, but couldn’t make the live session, you will be still able to access it right away in a replay. 

When we came up with this idea, we mainly thought of the players out there that do not have a local group to play in person with. Many groups have formed over the past several years, and at some point people get more serious in their game. This leads to some kind of study session or focus group. So if you don’t have any local groups to do this, this study group is the one for you! 

But we didn’t stop thinking there. We decided to create an online, or “virtual” team!

Although this group is mainly for those who don’t have anyone to play with, this group can always be for other who ARE in a local group already. 
Aside from the study group, we will meetup on Tenhou (or any online game or app of preference) once a week or so and we will be in a voice chat group at the same time so we can talk to each other and comment if needed.

Call “Pon” or “Chi” in this voice chat group and don’t let the in-game voices do all the talk!

Once we get a minimum of 4 players, we will be launching this. We have a name and log planned as well ;)  

Of course, due to the international time zones, we may not be able to accommodate everyone, but will definitely try and do our best.  

Have any questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments below, or email us at info@riichi-mahjong-central.com for more details!
Let’s do this!