New Mahjong AI

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When it comes to Mahjong AI playing on Tenhou, we think of “Baku-Uchi”, but a new Mahjong AI called “NAGA” appeared.

And it’s said that Dwango is behind it.

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We released an article about a deep learning Mahjong AI called “NAGA” that was created in DMV (Django Media Village). It started playing on the online Mahjong platform, Tenhou since last year, and has made its way up to 8 Dan. We are commentating on the cases where NAGA was deciding what tile to discard in certain scenarios. 

3:20 - January 21th 2019

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There are 2 points that I was curious regarding the Mahjong AI.
1. It is rare to see the reasoning behind all the decisions made. (This is because usually when using deep learning technology, these reasonings tend to be in a black box state.)

2. Why did Dwango, a company that is stingy in Niconama video projects, decided to take on an expensive project like a Mahjong AI on their own?(Or is it actually not that expensive?Maybe even a collaboration with M-League?)

3:13 - January 23th 2019