RMC Originals - National Mahjong Day Livestream Guide

Hello everyone!

We are a few weeks away for the very first National Mahjong Day here in the United States, and we still have several slots available for everyone to collaborate.

We have several verbal confirmations from groups throughout the United States, as well as organizations in Japan. The possibilities are endless in what we can do together, and we are looking forward to all creative minds from players and organizers to come together to celebrate.

As most of the details are in our previous posts, we would like to explain how easy the livestream is done for those who are willing to participate.

Once a time slot is entered in the Google Spreadsheet, we will send you an invitation link to join the livestream.

Once you receive the link, simply open the link on your computer via Google Chrome, and it will walk you through the setup process. The set up process includes things like enabling your camera and microphone. If you have a laptop, these features should be built in your computer, but if you have a desktop or if you want to use a better camera or microphone, we recommend you have those set up prior to the livestream.

We have already tested the process, and it is easy! Although there is a smartphone app that should help make the stream easier to join, it seems like the set ups process was a bit complicated for most users. So instead of using the smartphone app, we would like to have everyone use the invitation link using Google Chrome as the web browser.

If any one is worried about the set up process, please let us know, and we can send you an invitation link for a demo stream test. That way, you will experience first hand on how simple the set up is!

If you have any ideas or plans to join in on the livestream, we encourage you to start entering the desired time slots. Please see the link below:


For those who already emailed us separately and have a verbal confirmation on participating, we also encourage you to enter a time, as we expect the list to start getting full.

Here is the time conversion website again for your convenience:


We hope to see as many players and groups joining in on the livestream to help spread awareness of the game we love!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@riichi-mahjong-central.com