RMC Originals - Countdown to National Mahjong Day

Hello everyone!

The countdown has begun!

We are under 2 weeks until the first National Mahjong Day and the livestream event. We are getting ready day by day, and hope that everyone is excited as much as we are.

To clarify, National Mahjong Day is August 1st, but our main live stream will be on August 3rd. We did this so we can have as many participants and viewers as possible, as August first falls on a Thursday this year.

Because we are getting close to the livestream, we will be closing the list for people to sign up as a guest participant at the end of this week. If any one is still on the fence of show casing something, please add yourself by July 27th.

Please see the link below:


Here is the time conversion website again for your convenience:


We will be following up with some of you who have already shown interest.

Here is our previous post on how easy the livestream will be done.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@riichi-mahjong-central.com