RMC Originals - National Mahjong Day Livestream 2019 Roster

Hello everyone!

It’s finally this week! August 1st is the first National Mahjong Day and we are happy to have this shared through out the world!

As mentioned in the past, August 1st will fall on a Thursday this year, so we decided to have the livestream on Saturday, August 3rd so more people can join in on the fun :)

We will do a quick livestream on August 1st, but it will be very short, and more of a teaser for the main livestream.

We wanted to have various people from all Mahjong styles, but this year’s livestream is very Riichi oriented. We have reached/riiched out to many people in the American and Chinese Mahjong scene, but scheduling issues have made it difficult…

But we do have some, so we will be going over most of the Mahjong styles out there this year!

You can see the final (?) roster in the sign up sheet.

Most of the participants have set their contents to “TBD” so even WE don’t know what will happen!

We are very excited to see what everyone will be sharing to our community.

Please remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you will get notified when the livestream starts!

We will have giveaways and several announcements to make as well!

See you soon!