RMC Originals - National Mahjong Day Livestream Afterthoughts

First of all, we would like to thank everyone once again for participating and viewing our livestream!

We did run into some technical difficulties, but it was some what expected as it was a livestream with minimal staff at the time. We will be reevaluating the gear and software to make sure where the issue was and will come back stronger next year!

As for the livestream contents, we are very happy with the results. We believe that through the livestream, we were able to spread somme light on the “other” aspects of the game we all love.

Thank you to Yellow Mountain Imports for sponsoring our giveaways and providing us with a discount code for all the viewers! You can see the flyer with details here.

MJ Tournament Discount Flyer 4-0.png

Our site and contents are Riichi based, but we learned a great deal on American Man Jongg. There are several styles within American Man Jongg and the rules are more different than expected. We would like to thank Michele Frizzell again for sharing her knowledge and educating us!

We were also able to learn how some of the clubs throughout the United States operate and what their long term goals are. Our future seems bright as long as we all come together and share what we have all learned. The group leaders of each club are dedicated and passionate, and they will continue to help our community grow.

Aside from our local participants, we were able to have multiple professional Mahjong players for a Q&A session and pick their brains on what they feel our community will be like in the future. They have all been in the game longer than most of us. and we value their input to the highest degree.

If you missed our livestream, here are the videos!

As mentioned in the livestream, we will be moving away from our traditional Mahjong blogs soon. We will continue to provide contents via YouTube and we hope you will subscribe to our channel so you will get informed as soon as our new content is released!

The new contents will be mainly news updates from the Riichi community in the English community and the updates from Japan.

We are open to what you want us to cover, so if you have any requests, please let us know by commenting on this post or sending us an email at info@riichi-mahjong-central.com !

This year’s National Mahjong Day marks our first year operating as a team, and we will continue to evolve and take our part within the community to the best of our abilities!

Thank you!