RMC Originals - Japan Trip

We are happy to announce that our scheduled Japan trip will be happening at the end of this month.

During this trip, we will be making some video contents of the places we visit as well as discussing future projects with our colleagues.

If anyone has requests of merchandise that they want to buy, please feel free to ask and we will add them to the list! If you are in the Unites States, we can ship them to you so you won’t have to pay for the foreign shipping fees.

We are also in talks about collaboration projects with fellow creators in Japan who have been wanting to share their love with the communities outside of Japan.

As we prepare for our first semi-business trip to Japan, we hope to bring back more ideas that we can implement to what we do.

Our main goal for this year is to spread National Mahjong Day and help spread awareness to this wonderful game.

We hope you all feel the same!

Remember that August 1st is the day!!