RMC Originals - New ENGLISH Video Series by JPML

If you haven’t heard about the new video series hosted by Professional Mahjong players Garthe Nelson and Jenn Barr from JPML (Japan Professional Mahjong League), you have now!

Garthe and Jenn starts off with a” What Would You Discard?” like question for a specific Yaku. In this lesson, you are able to learn how to efficiently shape a Pin-Fu hand.

Joined with the series hosts, is the first WRC (World Riichi Championship) winner, Hiroshi Yamai Pro. The explain the reasons of why the discard would be the best choice.

If the Mahjong ruleset that you play isn’t Riichi and doesn’t have Pin-Fu, you can still learn as the tile efficiency is explained so the thought process can be applied to all styles of Mahjong!

After a couple examples, they also go into a video match with other professionals to see how Pin-Fu is made during an actual game. It’s great to see English speaking professionals commentating on matches while teaching us their thought process!

There are two lessons so far with the Pin-Fu hand, and we hope to see more from this video series.

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We are looking forward to more of these videos from them!