RMC Originals - National Mahjong Day Guinness World Records Details

We hope everyone is having a great Mahjong weekend!

We are getting closer to August 1st, the first National Mahjong Day, and we wanted to fill you in with what is happening so far.

National Mahjong Day will be celebrated throughout the United States by means of teaching new players and holding events, including spreading awareness via social media.

Multiple groups and organizations in the American Mah Jongg scene have contacted us so they can celebrate the day as well! More details from then will be coming in the very near future! 

As for the Riichi Mahjong scene, we have attempted some collaboration work, but unfortunately, the awareness of the day doesn't seem to be spread as much compared to the American Mah Jongg players. 

At Riichi Mahjong Central, we created National Mahjong Day so we can help spread the awareness and increase the player count and eventually hold a bigger event with players in the American Mah Jongg and Chinese Mahjong scene.  

We also announced the attempt to break the current Guinness World Records for the longest Mahjong marathon. The current record is a little over 33 hours, and although we have gotten several inquiries to participate, we are not at the full capacity on to make this happen.... 

We have received some feedback saying that the details of the event was preventing people to make a final decision, so we decided to make a post to add a little more detail. Minute details will be given to individuals who would participate.


1) Date - The date is currently set for August 1st, Thursday. As the current record sits at 33hrs, we are thinking to start on Thursday and play until we break the record. There should be a day or two to rest after we break the record. We understand that there might be some issues due to the scheduling, so once we have all the participants, we will discuss to either keep the start date at August 1st, or move the start date to the same weekend. This part is not set in stone, and we will discuss it when we get the full player count.

2) Location - We are currently set to host the event in California, as several clubs offered to host the events. But again, depending on the final players, we can always move the event somewhere else so it will be more confident to majority of the participants.

3) Equipment - All games will be using automatic tables. The clubs hosting the event have them set for us to use, but if we move the event to another location, we will be shipping the automatic tables there. 

4) Fees - All fees (aside from the plane ticket) will be covered by Riichi Mahjong Central and it’s sponsors. This will include the Airbnb or hotel, food, and local transportation. Simply find the best flight plan from where you are located to the final event location. If we can get more sponsorship through our Japan trip, we hope to cover at least the 4 players who will be breaking the record! 

5) Why Participate? - This was a question that was brought up by an individual, and it seems like we haven’t covered it much, or explained it enough through our social media outlets. Our goal is to have as many participants from various groups around the United States. This means that your club or organization will have a place in the Guinness Book of World Records! We are hoping that this would bring in some visibility to your local community to bring in more players. It will also give us all to come together and compete towards the same goal. 


If we left out any details, please feel free to contact us! We would love to have as many players participate in this event. In any case we are unable to get enough players, we will attempt this again for next year's National Mahjong Day.  

The final call for the event will be closing at the end of June. Even if you are not 100% sure if you can participate, please contact us so we can discuss when you might be able to make the final decision.  

We are hoping to hear from you soon! 

Let's do this!!!