RMC Originals - M League Updates

M League in Japan has posted an update!

It has been announced that the next M League will start in October, 2019, but there were several additional details released on May 27th (Japan time).

The details were some changes from this point on. 

Previously, one team had 3 players. But with the new announcement, the amount of players per team has been increased to 4 players.

Also, to increase diversity, each team must be a mixed group  of male and female players. 

As some of the current teams consist of all male players (Shibuya Abemas, U-NEXT Pirates and Akasaka Drivens), this will mean that their 4th player must be a female player.

We hope to see new faces and diversity into the Mahjong scene!

The new team draft is scheduled to be held this coming July and the details of the new team will be announced sometime in August.